Yoga for wellbeing and therapy

Start your Yoga journey with me. You want to get started with yoga but don't know where to start. I've been there!

You think you're not flexible enough, strong enough, or even disciplined enough. I've been there too!

But here's the thing: Yoga meets You where YOU are, no matter the level of flexibility or strength. Or anything else for that matter. The proven, undisputable benefits of moving with your breath outweigh  any reasons for NOT starting today! I specialize in teaching Beginners. I am committed to giving you a positive experience of Yoga, which serve to promote overall wellbeing to body, heart and mind.

I bring together my 10 years of experience in Ayurveda and Yoga; the framework of my yoga teaching is the cultivation of “sattva” through gentle, therapeutic practices for the mind and body.

Sessions are one-on-one (online or in-person), and can include asana, breath, mantra, meditation, kriyas — any practice that is beneficial for you and will propel you towards your long term wellbeing. Call to schedule a FREE initial 15 minute assessment 703-667-0465.

I offer individualized instruction that will work with your schedule and goals for practice. 5 sessions minimum recommended

  • $24.99/session
  • 5 sessions $109
  • 10 sessions $199