I bring together my 10 years of experience in Ayurveda and Yoga; the framework of my yoga teaching is the cultivation of “sattva” through gentle practices.

Yoga can benefit every single person and my yoga lessons online are the safest & easy way to build a healthy yoga habit. Get practices designed just for you! Join yoga classes online to ease into yoga practices. My private yoga instructor online service is meant for all levels, from beginners to experienced individuals or groups.

Classes are one-on-one (online or in-person), and can include asana, breath, mantra, meditation, kriyas — any practice that is beneficial for you and will propel you towards your long term wellbeing. Free initial 15 minute assessment, 5 class minimum recommended.

The yoga lessons online are available at varied schedules as per the location and availability. No more stressing about getting to class on time! As the private yoga instructor online, I ensure individual guidance, direction, and support for practice to all learners. The yoga classes online offer individualized instruction that will work with your schedule and goals for practice.

  • $24.99/session
  • 5 classes $109
  • 10 classes $199

5 Elements Hatha Yoga

Join me Tuesday and Friday mornings 8:00-9:00 for a fun group class exploring the 5 elements!

Our mind and body, and therefore our health, is rooted in the five elements; it is why we feel our best when we are aligned with nature in every way. The yoga lessons online will be the exploration of the five great elements as a way to help us understand our own Nature, and how they can help us achieve, true, long-lasting health, and wellbeing.

You will receive a zoom link for yoga lessons online when you pay for the class using the Paypal link below. Looking for a private yoga instructor online service? Your search ends here! I provide personalized yoga classes online -- you can reap its full benefits!

* 5 Element Hatha Yoga is based on the teachings of Neva Ingalls, Inner Domain