Whole Health Consultation

Consultations can be done remotely (phone, video)

"If you give your Self a chance, your Self will give you all the chances" - Yogi Bhajan

The whole health consultation uses ayurvedic principles of wholistic living to help you reach wellbeing and balance of mind and body. During the appointment, the practitioner will determine the root causes of body/mind imbalances (vikriti) by uncovering what lifestyle choices are causing, or have caused, stress and toxins in the body and mind.

Based on you unique imbalance, you will receive a detailed plan of recommendations that will serve as your tools to begin your personal journey to restore vitality in all areas of your life. These tried-and-true self-care recommendations may include the following: Food guidelines to support digestion and nutrition, herbal supplements, bodywork and energywork recommendations, movement and breath, and ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines.

With this plan, you will be able to address the very root causes of your discomforts and replace them with a solid foundation for a long and healthy life.  Some people experience improvement right away, while others may experience changes that are more subtle and longer in coming.  You are working to change a lifetime of patterns and their effect, and this may take time.  Be gentle with yourself!

* Although these recommendations aren't a substitute for qualified medical advice, and does not replace help from a medical professional for medical conditions, they can support the organism’s innate ability to heal.

$100 first session (up to 90 minutes) / $50 follow up session

When you signup for the treatment recommendations in your first consult, you will receive a 15% discount on the treatments.

Wellness Packages

Customized packages available based on your specific needs. Please ask the practitioner for suggestions and pricing!