Lifestyle Transformation Experience

The key to Total Health (Svastha in Sanskrit) is simple: gentle and consistent daily lifestyle choices, when practiced with mindfulness, will bring lightness and clarity to the mind and body. According to Ayurveda and Yoga, Lifestyle matters, and when we make mindfulness a part of our daily routine, a simple habit can have a profound physical, mental, and emotional impact, as well as build resilience for sustainable, long-term wellbeing.

During this five-hour private learning experience, you will discover the Ayurvedic keys to long-term health with simple and gentle lifestyle practices including movement, meditation, mantra, and food. You will learn how Nature is your best ally when it comes to bringing your unique constitution to harmony.
Call 703-667-0465 to schedule the experience at your convenience – held at my private home studio in Reston, VA

Price includes all material and one meal:
⦁ $300/person
⦁ $400/couple
⦁ $750 Groups: Max. 4 people


What Others Say:

A really wonderful experience! This was the first 'date' for my girlfriend and I, and it was super memorable and special. Ileana has extensive knowledge about the subject, she answered any questions I had (of which there are always many), we did some relaxing yoga, and made some really tasty food. We really connected with Ileana too! We had some great conversations about life and relationships whilst eating the food we'd prepared, and felt like we became good friends in the short time we were together during the experience. We loved the experience, and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Ileana!

- Ryan Mulrooney

Wonderful experience with the mindfulness one-day retreat! Really appreciate Ileana sharing her experience and expertise! Highly recommend to anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle."

- Camille D.

Begin a New Life of Health & Balance

You likely already know what isn’t working in your body: a change in sleep patterns, insomnia, or sleeping, but waking up tired; changes in weight or difficulty in maintaining weight; low immunity, meaning you catch colds or infections easily and are sick more often than you’d like; uncontrollable cravings; generalized aches and pains; weak, irregular digestion; low sex drive; constant state of anxiety. These are all symptoms of stress and imbalance. Ayurveda offers a customized approach to balancing out the body and mind, returning us to a natural state of health.  No fads, no gimmicks, no harshness, or deprivation. Just natural, safe, and gentle methods for long-lasting transformation. To feel the best you’ve ever felt, call the best-- Northern Virginia Ayurvedic Healing!


Wellness Packages

Customized packages available based on your specific needs. Please ask the practitioner for suggestions and pricing!