Ileana is one of the most caring individuals I have the pleasure of knowing.... Seeing her makes me smile, hugging her when I leave enforces all the positive effects of spending just an hour with her. Highly recommend her ....she is knowledgeable but more importantly she listens to you and knows what you need. I am exceedingly grateful for all she does to help me find and maintain balance in my life.

-- Maureen Eliasen (Google)

Amazing changes in my health, energy, and immunity since my consultation. I better understand my Dosha and how to eat and implement lifestyle changes to support my needs.

-- Alicia Cross (Facebook)

(Ileana) is extremely knowledgeable and with her warm demeanor and receptive nature guides the individual to find vibrant health and balance using the wisdom of Ayurveda.

-- Dana Bolt (Facebook)

Ileana outshines additionally as a passionate individual who yearns to understand Ayurveda and the relationship of food with the mind-body complex.

-- Pradeep Varadan (Google)