Natural Weight Loss


Permanently reset your mind-body's ability to regulate itself by making lifestyle choices that will calm the nervous system, enhance your digestive fires, and regulate the storage of energy and fat.

These lifestyle choices include DAILY dietary habits (remember, you are what you eat!), and exercise (including yoga).

As part of the program, you will also receive a regimen ayurvedic treatments designed to promote weight loss, cleansing, and overall health. The treatments are as follows:

Abhyanga (Full-body oil treatment)
This type of treatment enhances circulation throughout the body, helping to improve digestion and overall energy levels. With regular performance abhyanga, deep-seated toxins in the joints and tissues are loosened and released into the system for elimination through the natural toxin-release processes. Toxins in the skin are also released, leaving you with clear healthy skin. It helps strengthen and tone the muscles. Also, your joints will stay nourished and supple with regular performance of Abhyanga. The warm oil massage strengthens and lubricates the joints, making them more resilient to wear and tear.

Dry abhyanga "Udurtunam"
A technique of scrubbing the body with dry medicinal powder to reduce excess fat. Excellent for weight reduction, slimming and body shaping.

Nasya karma
Detoxification through the nose. The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation (prana), which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain.

$125 initial consultation. During the consultation you will receive dietary recommendations and other weight-loss lifestyle routines.

$299/month includes:

  • 3 sessions where you will recieve the above treatments
  • Unlimited support by phone/email

  • $75 each additional session

"Life is a flow of life, only your participation is requested."- Yogi Bhajan

Wellness Packages

Customized packages available based on your specific needs. Please ask the practitioner for suggestions and pricing!