Lifestyle Transformation Program

Transform your lifestyle, transform your wellbeing!

This one-on-one (virtual) experience will help you align your self-care routine to support immunity, calm the mind, restore sleep, and promote long-term wellbeing, through movement, meditation, mantra, and food. The program will teach you practical lifestyle options from the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga that will empower you to discover the best version of YOU! Get the best Ayurveda lifestyle tips for everyday health.

Known as the “Science of Life”, Ayurveda touches upon several features of how to live a healthy, happy, satisfying life. It lays out a very specific definition of “health” (svastha), integrating the body, the mind, and the spirit into what svastha entails. In this way, Ayurveda is a truly holistic, mind-body approach to living, placing absolute priority on daily self-care routine (known as dinacharya).

Daily routine, known as “Dinacharya”, invites the opportunity of sadhana, or spiritual practice; they are a reminder for us to slow down, to stop in the midst of a rushed morning, or at the end of a busy day. By ritualizing the way we care for our Self, we cultivate self-love. By committing each day to spend time on our self, we return to our deepest desire of being loved. Join the lifestyle transformation program to lead a healthy life with peace of mind.

Learn about the Yogi Lifestyle

  • Learn how Ayurveda and Yoga can transform your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual Self
  • Understand Ayurveda Nutrition and the best way to nourish your Self
  • Create a daily sadhana off the mat, that supports your practice on the mat
  • Sessions include Movement, Meditation, Mantra, and self-care routines

By embracing Yoga and Ayurveda’s “back to basics” lifestyle approach, you are essentially saying a big YES to restoring health and balance to mind and body! Call 703-667-0465 to schedule the experience at your convenience.

Pricing: 5 virtual sessions $375 Purchase Lifestyle Transformation

Want a individual, small group, or large group “Lifestyle Retreat”? Book the 5 hours of the same content, in one Unique, Fun, and very Informative Session! Do you want to bring this class to your Yoga Sangha? Contact me directly for special pricing! [email protected]


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