It’s all about the sleep!

As one of the three pillars of health (“Trayopastambha”), sleep is one of the most important activities of our day (or in this case, our night!). Deep sleep (i.e. “REM”) has numerous benefits on the brain, including memory retention and consolidation. There are countless long-term benefits to the body of consistent deep sleep, like protecting the organs and regulating blood pressure.Sleep can be the root cause of many imbalances, from chronic fatigue to inflammation. Ayurveda explains that too much or too little sleep can have different effects on the doshas, and so maintaining an adequate, or appropriate, amount of sleep is the key. Similarly, timing is everything, and allowing your body to follow Nature’s natural daily rhtythm (Circadian) can be the most effective sleep remedy available!And yet, sleep is often overlooked in a daily routine. Did you know that what you do in the morning will affect how you sleep that night? From the moment you wake up, your body is preparing for the sleep that it will need in order to restore the mind and body.A key component of a wholistic lifestyle approach is making sure we are focusing on all the things we need for quality sleep. In my “Lifestyle Transformation” program, you will learn some techniques and practices to make quality sleep more natural, more restorative, and more frequent!

Lifestyle Transformation Program
This personalized, one-on-one experience will help you align your self-care routine to support immunity, calm the mind, restore sleep, and promote long-term wellbeing, through movement, meditation, mantra, and food. The program will teach you practical lifestyle options from the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga that will empower you to discover the best version of YOU! Get the best Ayurveda lifestyle tips for everyday health.
Learn how Ayurveda and Yoga can transform your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual Self in 5 sessions:
Understand Ayurveda Nutrition and the best way to nourish your Self
Sessions include Movement, Meditation, Mantra, and self-care routines
By embracing Yoga and Ayurveda’s “back to basics” lifestyle approach, you are essentially saying a big YES to restoring health and balance to mind and body!
This program is done on your schedule — no time restrictions, so you can take your time to really experience and learn the tools we cover during your program.