November 23, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Soaring Spirit Yoga
308C Poplar Aly Occoquan VA
The Yoga of Food – transform your relationship with food to achieve your best health.
One of the most important steps we can take in our self-care journey is changing how we approach food. Food is nourishment and fuel, and a source of vital energy (prana). Most importantly, food is a self-care practice that can empower us to choose balance and health in every meal. It is a great way to observe the wonderfully subtle ways that our mind and body tune in to how food affects how we feel. Changing our relationship to how we prepare and eat our daily nourishment can make a huge difference in our long-term health, and ultimately love ourselves more!
This workshop explores how you can apply the mindfulness principles of yoga in the kitchen – by focusing on the transformative power of our digestion (Āgni) as the key to health, according to Ayurvedic principles. We will discover how to set new patterns around food and our digestion, so that we can practice self-love while properly nourishing our body and mind.

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