Ayurveda Spa Therapies

I am offering very limited sessions for Marma and Shirodhara Therapy. Both are available every Tuesday at Skin and Wellness Centre in downtown Falls Church. Please book your session using this link.


Marma points are doorways to the 7 Chakras – energy channels that flow through the spine and nourishes the body and mind. When activated, the flow of energy that travels from these points through the body, can have a profound healing effect, as well as gives a feeling of complete relaxation. This therapy is unique to Ayurveda, and can grant you a deeper connection with your whole self (body, mind, and spirit). Plus, it also offers you an opportunity to release excess energy in your body.

shirodhara good

Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating oil therapy designed to calm the nervous system and settle the mind. The head is continuously bathed in oil using a rhythmic technique for a fixed period of time. Shirodhara can relax the mind and help eliminate stagnant waste (ama) from the body by balancing your doshas. The calming effect it produces is similar to that achieved by meditation.