Ayurveda Trainings


"I’m so grateful to Ileana for finally offering these classes on Ayurveda. Her style of teaching is very simple, succinct and comprehensive. She made the various Ayurvedic concepts and principles easy to understand which I found very helpful. Additionally, being in a small group setting was extremely helpful as it gave the course more 1-1 feeling. She explained things in great detail with patience and encouragement for us to further explore our interest in Ayurveda. I definitely and highly recommend seeing Ileana for Ayurvedic consultations, treatments and of course taking the Ayurveda workshops with her. She’s the absolute best!" - Sabbi H.

"My time with Ileana was the most enlightening experience of my life. Not only is Ileana’s knowledge of Ayurveda extensive she is also a great teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and my interest in Ayurveda has deepened. I hope to spend more time with Ileana and highly recommend everyone who wants to gain more knowledge about Ayurveda." - Zahra K

Why should you learn more about the ancient science of Ayurveda?


Ayurveda literally means the 'knowledge of life'; it is a sister science to Yoga. It is the science and practice of living in harmony with the universe, the seasons, nature, and yourself, in order to achieve and maintain quality health and sustained wellbeing. Ayurveda and Yoga may be thousands of years old, but our planet needs it now more than ever.

Not only does Ayurveda give you natural and powerful solutions to your problems, it also prescribes the most effective ways to proactively prevent ill-health and build immunity by instructing you about how to live a balanced lifestyle, become more in-tune with nature and her cycles, to create dramatic shifts in your overall wellbeing. If you have an interest in wellness, becoming a healer, or you just want to improve your own health, Ayurveda provides sustainable solutions.

All classes are led by Ileana Gonzalez, CAP and 200YT

Want to experience Ayurveda for a day and learn how the lifestyle practices can bring balance and well-being to a stressful day?

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