Ayurveda Basics




This class is a journey to understanding true health, through the lens of Ayurveda by exploring the foundational principles that make it the most powerful healing science. The particular journey of Ayurveda starts in ancient Indian texts which lay out the foundation of creation itself and provide the basis of all Ayurvedic principles. From there, we explore how this foundation opens the pathway to understanding our true Nature, our place in Nature, and ultimately, realizing our Higher Self (Divine). It is a journey through history that brings us to today, and how this ancient science is still so relevant to how we live life in the 21st century. Join me!

In this 2-part class, you will learn why Ayurveda has the most comprehensive knowledge of nutritional health, lifestyle guidelines, and dietary principles which affect healing at physical, mental and spiritual levels, and for different types of people. You will come away with an understanding of how you can support your own healing and growth with Ayurveda’s multi-layered approach to creating total health (“svastha” in sanskrit). We will explore why Ayurveda is emerging as one of the most important global systems of mind-body medicine, by revealing how to understand the language of nature, and how to live in harmony with the greater universe.

The classes are open to everyone, no health or yoga background is needed. The courses present a unique learning opportunity to RYTs, YTTs, health coaches, or anyone considering a broader, more committed study in Ayurveda. You can take each part alone, but Part I is a prerequisite for Part II. This class can be done one-on-one; schedule at your convenience.

Online Pricing:

Ayurveda Part I $400 (approx. 8 hours)

Ayurveda Part II $400 (approx. 8 hours)

Want to do it with a friend/group of friends? Do you want to bring this class to your Yoga Sangha? Contact me directly for special pricing! [email protected]

"I just completed my Ayurveda course with Ileana!! What an outstanding experience! With this learning, I've elevated my appreciation for nutritious foods, sleep hygiene and my yoga practice! This course is an asset and MUST for ALL!"
Sonja Richmond (Google)