Spring Renewal ~ A 10 day Ayurvedic Inspired Cleansing for all of your Layers

June 1, 2018 – June 10, 2018 all-day
Ileana Gonzalez

Brought to you by teachers from Apurva Ayurveda, Tasty6 and Beloved Yoga.

Dates: June 1 – June 10, 2018

$499 (includes juice, food, yoga and instructions)
The seasonal transition can be intense on our being. During this time of change, it is common to feel sluggish, to experience indigestion, to have allergies and your overall well-being may feel “off” for a number of reasons.

The 10-day seasonal cleanse is a gentle yet powerful way to reset the digestion, release physical and mental stress, and experience how a holistic diet and lifestyle can be transformative to bring energy, vibrancy and abundance into your life.


The Seasonal Renewal will give you hands on tools (from Ayurveda and yoga) to practice during the cleanse and integrate into your daily life going forward. It is a unique opportunity to restore and rejuvenate physically, mentally and spiritually!


You will receive detailed dietary and mind/body instructions, education and support throughout the 10-day cleanse period. Pricing includes:

5 Class Yoga Pass

1 Ayurvedic Consultation/Treatment

2 x Soups (or 1 x Soup and 1 x Bowl)
2 x Mylks (1 x Turmeric for breakfast with Oats and 1 x Power)
1 x maca balls
1 x Green delight
1 x Silhouette (for dilution with tea during the day)
1 x Staminator for 2 x days (meaning half to be had each day/Beets Supreme)

We will meet two times at Beloved Yoga
Sat, June 2 & Sat, June 9 

By the end of this journey, you will have learned the tools and gained the knowledge to help you maintain the feeling of clarity and lightness of the mind and body throughout the coming eason.

The 10-day cleanse is a twice a year, on-going program offered in the Spring and Fall, the two season that body and mind become more easily uprooted and unbalanced. The seasonal change is a great time to reset and bring about things that will nourish and ground you.

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