Ayurveda Education

All classes are PACE eligible at National Ayurvedic Medical Association©
All classes meet YACEP guidelines at Yoga Alliance© for Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics (YPLE)

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world, originating at least five thousand years ago in what is now India. It is a comprehensive system of medicine that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit and strives to maintain the innate harmony of the individual.

Apurva Wellness provides PACE courses through the National Ayurvedic Medical Association for 12 hour or 25 hour CE credit. The objective of this curriculum is to present the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and clearly identify this ancient science as a viable approach to self-care and healing; as well as highlight the areas that will serve our community in the best possible way.

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Level I – Immersion
12 classroom hours. 1 weekend intensive

Through an exploration of the basic language and principles of Āyurveda, participants will learn to promote wellness through a variety of Ayurvedic inspired practices and further understand this ancient science by applying the knowledge to their own lives.

The course introduces Ayurveda’s unique system of describing and classifying the various divisions of the body’s innate intelligence, called the 3 Doshas--Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The course outlines the important principles of this ancient approach, and allows the individualization of diet, herbs, food, and other natural lifestyle recommendations of Ayurveda.

No pre-requisites
Includes handouts/other material. $375

Level II - Foundations
25 classroom hours 2 weekend intensive

This course builds on the Level I Immersion, leading the student through an understanding of classical Ayurveda and its applications for the promotion of health.

This Level includes an apprenticeship program providing participants an opportunity to apply the knowledge with hands-on experience. The course provides simple but very effective health management strategies to guide the participant toward a state of balance of mind and body. Topics covered include personal integration of concepts and making positive lifestyle changes. Students experience self-healing and are therefore better equipped to share the knowledge with their clients and students.

Pre-requisite Level I Immersion
Includes handouts/other material. $575

Wellness Packages

Customized packages available based on your specific needs. Please ask the practitioner for suggestions and pricing!